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Bed Bug Elimination Services

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It is very concerning to hear about the man in New Jersey who set his house on fire trying to do a heat treatment himself in the home. But it does give us an idea of the desperation that these pests elicit from their hosts. Bed bug extermination is a very difficult job and heat treatments require special training and equipment. Here at Advantage Pest Control we offer our customer various bed bug services.

Bed Bug Services

  • Insecticide Spray – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices. Services are between 2 and 3 weeks apart and require some preparations.
  • Spray and Steam – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices and a through steaming of common bed bug harborage areas.
  • Spray, Steam and Dusting – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices and steaming of harborage areas and dusting in voided areas. This is a recommended treatment for heavy infestations.
  • Steam only – This is recommended in areas where insecticide cannot be placed such as cribs. Some customers do not want insecticide treatment, for those customers we offer this service.
  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection – This service involves an inspection of a residence by a specially trained bed bug detecting dog. This process has been featured on numerous television shows and had received wide publicity. Because of its notorious success, canine bed bug detections are a popular service.
  • Nightwatch Bed Bug Monitoring – This service is often used in vacant rooms. The monitor emits human like carbon dioxide which attracts the bed bugs. This allows us to monitor an infestation, or a suspected infestation, without humans residing in the unit. Nightwatch Bed Bug monitoring is often used by landlords or hotels to ensure no bed bugs are located in that room.
  • Heat Remediation – This is our most recommended service. This works well for light to heavy infestations and generally requires one service. By heating the home to over 110 degrees, all eggs and live bugs are killed within a few hours.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eliminate. Unfortunately bed bugs are very easily spread and have become a major problem in urban areas like Toronto. They are not a discriminatory pest, they will live in almost any area than human inhabit. We service many areas in the Greater Toronto Area for bed bug elimination. If you live outside these areas, we may be still be able to assist you. When you speak with a specialist ask about our out of town service.

Please give a specialist a call at 416-840-4040 or toll free at 1-877-504-BUGS

Service Areas Within the GTA



  • Bolton
  • Brampton
  • Clarkson
  • Mississauga
  • Nobleton
  • Oakville


  • Aurora
  • King City
  • Markham
  • New Market
  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan


  • Downtown
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • Malvern
  • Rexdale
  • Thornhill


  • Ajax
  • Oshawa
  • Pickering
  • Scarborough
  • Whitby



If you are looking for Do-It-Yourself products, we have a Bed Bug Elimination kit available for purchase by home owners. This package contains bed bug killing aerosols and powder. We also recommend mattress covers with any type of bed bug treatment program and Bed Bug Defenders to monitor the level and success of a treatment. See all of our bed bug products.


Advantages to Bed Bug Remediation

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Heat treatments are being used across North America for the treatment of bed bugs. What are the advantages to this treatment? How does this treatment differ from other treatments in the past? I hope that the following information will answer these questions.
Key Advangtages:
  • Provides several options for Integrated Pest Management. Chemical-free solutions to bed bug elimination are also available.
  • Bed Bug Remediation kills every stage of bed bugs including eggs, larvae and adult.
  • One service only is needed in most cases and is completed within one day.
  • We offer discrete and professional services.

By raising the temperature of the entire house or occupied area (apartment or office) to over 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat will kill all stages of bed bugs. The amount of time needed to kill bed bugs is dependent on the temperature used (higher temperatures kill bed bugs faster).

We can use this process in many different locations (such as houses, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial locations, confined areas and even for spot treatments). We are not limited in the areas that we can treat due to the properties of the heat treatment.

Heat kills all stages of the life-cycle of an insect including the eggs, larvae and adult stages. This means that generally we only have to perform one treatment and that re-occupation of the home by the owner can occur within hours of the treatment. It also means that all bugs are dead upon completion of this service.

If you have any further inquiries on this procedure please contact our service department at 416-840-4040

Heat Remediation – Kill Bed Bugs With Heat

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Up until now the pest control industry has faced immense challenges in the wake of the booming bed bug epidemic.

Countless products claiming to rid or aid in the eradication of bed bugs have come and gone. None have had absolute success in controlling bed bugs.

Property managers, hotels, homeowners and even offices have spent millions of dollars and countless hours on facing this problem, with mediocre success in controlling these human parasites.

Introduce Advantage Pest Control!

Advantage pest control is a mid size Toronto based pest control company who has always put a big emphasis on research and development. We believe there are always alternative and better ways to address many problems in our industry. When the opportunity to eradicate a problem using integrated pest management techniques that limit or omit the use of pesticides, we get particularity excited!

Enter Heat Remediation Technology!

So here is the exciting news.

Advantage Pest Control has now acquired heat remediation (heat treatment) equipment. This equipment is specifically designed to raise the temperature of a treatment area to a thermal remediation temperature (bed bugs) of 120-140 Fahrenheit. Not only does this allow us to eradicate the bugs using heat only, (no chemicals in some cases) this also allows us to remediate other organisms such as dust mites, flying insects and other crawling insects. Not even the bed bug eggs which traditionally pose the biggest threat for reinfesting a property, can survive the heat.

We have been testing this equipment in our facility as well as in the field with extraordinary results. The entire infestation generally dies within 1-4 hours depending on the thermal remediation temperature in the affected room (120°f generally kills within 4 hours and 140°f kills within minutes!).

We would love to share these results with you. We also would love to share the positive feed back we have received from our customers.

Call us today for an in home or location presentation.


Paolo Bossio

Advantage Pest Control Inc.

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