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Bed Bug Elimination Services

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It is very concerning to hear about the man in New Jersey who set his house on fire trying to do a heat treatment himself in the home. But it does give us an idea of the desperation that these pests elicit from their hosts. Bed bug extermination is a very difficult job and heat treatments require special training and equipment. Here at Advantage Pest Control we offer our customer various bed bug services.

Bed Bug Services

  • Insecticide Spray – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices. Services are between 2 and 3 weeks apart and require some preparations.
  • Spray and Steam – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices and a through steaming of common bed bug harborage areas.
  • Spray, Steam and Dusting – This involves multiple services of a liquid residual insecticide treatment to all cracks and crevices and steaming of harborage areas and dusting in voided areas. This is a recommended treatment for heavy infestations.
  • Steam only – This is recommended in areas where insecticide cannot be placed such as cribs. Some customers do not want insecticide treatment, for those customers we offer this service.
  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection – This service involves an inspection of a residence by a specially trained bed bug detecting dog. This process has been featured on numerous television shows and had received wide publicity. Because of its notorious success, canine bed bug detections are a popular service.
  • Nightwatch Bed Bug Monitoring – This service is often used in vacant rooms. The monitor emits human like carbon dioxide which attracts the bed bugs. This allows us to monitor an infestation, or a suspected infestation, without humans residing in the unit. Nightwatch Bed Bug monitoring is often used by landlords or hotels to ensure no bed bugs are located in that room.
  • Heat Remediation – This is our most recommended service. This works well for light to heavy infestations and generally requires one service. By heating the home to over 110 degrees, all eggs and live bugs are killed within a few hours.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eliminate. Unfortunately bed bugs are very easily spread and have become a major problem in urban areas like Toronto. They are not a discriminatory pest, they will live in almost any area than human inhabit. We service many areas in the Greater Toronto Area for bed bug elimination. If you live outside these areas, we may be still be able to assist you. When you speak with a specialist ask about our out of town service.

Please give a specialist a call at 416-840-4040 or toll free at 1-877-504-BUGS

Service Areas Within the GTA



  • Bolton
  • Brampton
  • Clarkson
  • Mississauga
  • Nobleton
  • Oakville


  • Aurora
  • King City
  • Markham
  • New Market
  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan


  • Downtown
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • Malvern
  • Rexdale
  • Thornhill


  • Ajax
  • Oshawa
  • Pickering
  • Scarborough
  • Whitby



If you are looking for Do-It-Yourself products, we have a Bed Bug Elimination kit available for purchase by home owners. This package contains bed bug killing aerosols and powder. We also recommend mattress covers with any type of bed bug treatment program and Bed Bug Defenders to monitor the level and success of a treatment. See all of our bed bug products.


Bed Bugs In Toronto Still On The Rise

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As the article below describes, bed bugs continue to be a huge problem in Toronto. We are still getting many calls from some very emotional customers. Bed bugs have the biggest emotional impact on individuals than any of the other common household pests we deal with. Predominately it is the fact that they attack when the human is sleeping. This is terrifying for most people to think about because sleep time is when we are our most defenseless. Here at Advantage we understand the emotional toll this takes on both you and your family. We offer treatments for many different types of structures such as apartments, houses and vehicles. We also offer heat, steam, insecticide, dusting and integrated pest management approaches.

Call us today for more information 416-840-4040 and 1-877-504-BUGS.

Recommended Pest Products

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We offer several package deals to our customers for Do It Yourself Pest Control. These packages include many of our recommended products for pest elimination.

If you have ants we recommend the Ant Elimination Package. This package includes one Diatomaceous Earth Dust, one Pro-BugX, two Green Way Ant Gel tubes, and six ant cafes or multi-baiters.

If you have bed bugs we recommend the Bed Bug Elimination Package.  This package includes 1 Diatomaceous Earth Dust, 2 Aerosols, 4 Bed Bug Defender Units.

If you have cockroaches we recommend the Cockroach Elimination Package. This package includes Diatomaceous Earth Dust, one Pro-B1, one Aerosol spray and Insect monitors.

If you have mice we recommend the Mice Elimination Package. This package includes 3 bait stations, 2 pkgs of bait, 10 glueboards, and 4 snap traps.

Now if you have multiple pests in your home or you just want to be extra cautious, we have our Total Pest Elimination Package which includes 1 package bait, 2 mouse bait stations, 5 glue boards, 1 Pro Bug X, 1 Aerosol, 200g Diatomaecous Earth, 3 Insect Monitors

We have many other pest products available, check it out at

Top Ten Tips For Dealing With Bed Bugs

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1. Consult with your local health department or a professional Pest Control operator to confirm that you have bed bugs. Look on our website at the signs of bed bugs infestation. Call one of our technicians and tell them what you are noticing, seeing, and feeling.

2. If you think you have a bed bug problem, check for live bed bugs or shells in the following areas:

¦• The undersides, seams, creases, and folds of mattresses, box springs, couches, pillows, cushions and curtains.
¦• Cracks and crevices in the bed frame and head board, the walls and the baseboards
¦• Between the cushions of couches and chairs
¦• Under area rugs and the edges of carpets
¦• In drawers and dressers
¦• Behind baseboards, around window and door casings, electrical plates and under loose wallpaper, paintings and posters
¦• In telephones, radios, and clocks

3. Toronto Health says “the best method to deal with bedbugs is Integrated Pest Management”. Please read more about Integrated Pest Management. Now that you know you have a problem, you should talk to a pest control company about managing and eliminating your problem. Please call our Toronto Bedbug Specialists at 416-840-4040.

4. Use a nozzle attachment on the vacuum to capture the bed bugs and their eggs. Vacuum all crevices on your mattress, bed frame, baseboards and any objects close to the bed. It is essential to vacuum daily and empty the vacuum immediately.

5. Wash all your linens in the hottest water possible and place them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Consider covering your pillows and mattress with mattress and pillow encasements. We carry mattress encasements, box spring encasements and pillow encasements both in store and online. Please see our online store.

6. Remove all unnecessary clutter.

7. Seal cracks and crevices between baseboards, on wood bed frames, floors and walls with caulking. Repair or remove peeling wallpaper, tighten loose light switch covers, and seal any openings where pipes, wires or other utilities come into your home (pay special attention to walls that are shared between apartments).

8. Monitor daily by setting out glue boards or sticky tape (carpet tape works well) to catch the bed bugs. Closely examine any items that you are bringing into your home.

9. Continue with any treatments every two weeks until your problem is gone. This is so you can break the life cycle of the bedbugs.

10. Make sure to continue sleeping in your own bed. This will draw the bedbugs out so they can get over the insecticide and allow the treatments to work to reach full elimination.

Bed Bug Preperation List

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Before you have professionals in to treat your house for bed bugs, here are some preparations you should do.




Before treatment:

  • All clutter should be removed from the unit.
  • Allow access to baseboards, cracks and crevices.
  • Vacuum the mattress thoroughly including the crevices, handles and buttons.
  • Vacuum bed frame, baseboards and objects/flooring close to bed.
  • Discard the vacuum bag (placed in tightly sealed garbage bag before disposal).
  • Remove all clothing from dressers and place in clean plastic bags or plastic totes.
  • Bookshelves, nightstands or other furniture in the immediate area must be emptied so that the technician can spray the undersides of the furniture.
  • Place all items in tightly sealed garbage bags and leave them in the room to be treated.



  • All clothing items should be placed in garbage bags, sealed and emptied directly into the washing machine.
  • When the laundering cycles are complete, the clean laundry should be placed in new clear garbage bags and sealed during the treatment process. The garbage bags used for transporting clothing articles to the laundry room should be discarded outside the premise as they may contain bed bugs. For severe infestations, water soluble bags should be used if possible to collect sheets and clothing and put directly into the wash.
  • It is important to launder items using hot water as cold water will not kill bed bugs or their eggs.
  • All clean clothes should be put in the dryer on high for a minimum of 20 minutes. Some clothing may require dry cleaning.



  • All bedding must be removed before the technician arrives. Soiled bedding should be washed in hot water (separate from all other laundry) or dry cleaned before or soon after the treatment to avoid resurgence of bed bugs. Pillows should also be placed in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 20 minutes. After treatment, bed skirts should be avoided; bedding tucked in tightly; and bed kept a few inches away from the wall.

The Two Week Wait… What To Do In-between Bed Bug services.

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The waiting can be a very stressful time for anyone undergoing treatments for bed bugs. The most important thing you can do is stay where you are and be patient. Do not start sleeping on the couch, or in a different bed. Doing so will only spread the infestation. The bed bugs will only follow you and infest other possible untreated places. By sleeping in your own room and in your own bed you are forcing the bed bugs to come back up the treated bed posts or walk along the chemical laid down to get to you, thus poisoning them and making the treatment effective. Sorry but you are bait.

Keep using hot water to launder bedding, towels, and clothes. Also remember to dry your clothing under high temperatures. Continuous treatment of clothing and linens commonly used cuts down re-infestation. Any items that have not been used but have previously been treated prior to treatment, leave them in a garbage bag or air tight sealed containers. You do not want to create more hiding spaces for bed bugs.

When cleaning, do not wash off chemical. I know this can be hard but sweep, vacuum, or mop at least 6 inches away from baseboards and anything that has been sprayed. Take a break from cleaning at least for a couple days. After that feel free to vacuum and sweep.

Please do not panic. Being bitten after your first treatment is completely normal. In fact it might be more frequent because they will be disoriented from the chemical procedure. We are always here to answer any questions you may have before and in between bed bug treatments.

Service Report: Bed Bugs In Toronto

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bedbug_groupBedbugs are one of the most frequently occurring pests that we treat. Recently our services were employed by a Toronto resident in treating their 3 bedroom house. The resident was completely unaware of an infestation until an overnight guest found a live bug on their coach. The customer called Advantage Pest Control the next morning with several questions.

1.      Do I really have an infestation? I only found one bug.
Yes. Finding one bug, especially during the day (as was the case) is indicative of a moderate to severe infestation. Many customers with a mild infestation do not find any bugs.

2.      Is it possible that my guest brought the bug in with them?
Yes, that is a possibility. However it is also possibility that there is an active infestation in your home.

3.      I don’t think I am getting bitten, are you sure that I have bed bugs?
Some people do not react to the bites. Itching and red marks are indicative of an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic that are released by the bed bug just prior to biting.

4.      I have a basement apartment with a tenant, would I have to treat downstairs as well if I have an infestation?
This question required several other pieces of information. If there is communal spaces such as a laundry room or area that is used by the upstairs residents and the downstairs residents we recommend treatment. Also if the tenant spends any significant time (sitting, visiting) upstairs or brings items up there (such as laundry, bags or purses) we recommend treatment. This was the case in this situation

5.      How many treatments would I need?

We recommend two treatments at least. This is because of the life-cycle of bed bugs whose eggs hatch 14-21 days after being laid. For this reason we recommend treating after 14-21 days to ensure continuity of the residual killing power of the insecticide. That being said, it is not uncommon to have to treat three, four or even five times depending on the severity of the infestation.

The customer was very distraught and wanted to know for sure if they had bed bugs. Our specialist recommended checking the seams of the mattresses and box springs of all beds for eggs or live bugs, checking the sheets and surface of the mattress and box spring for black spots (fecal matter), behind headboards, foot boards and all bedroom furniture (such as lamp shades and side tables) for black spots (fecal matter), and the seams and surface of the furniture in the living room (where the original bugs was found). The customer thanked us, hung up and proceeded to begin inspecting their home. They called us back a few minutes later when they found another live bug.

Tiny Bed Bugs Come To You To Feed But Do Not Live There.

Tiny Bed Bugs Come To You To Feed But Do Not Live There.

We sent a bed bug specialist out to the location within 48 hours. It is important with bed bugs to treat as soon as the location can be prepared because bed bugs lay a large quantity of eggs in a very short time. To prepare for the treatment we asked the resident to bag, wash, dry (on hot for at least 20 minutes), and re-bag all clothing from the laundry, dresser drawers, and closets as well as all bedding and curtains. A safe place to store rebagged laundry is in the bathtub or kitchen, as these areas do not need to be treated. The resident was also asked to de-clutter and provide access to all beds, couches and futons stripping them down to the mattress.
When our specialist arrived they determined that an integrated pest management approach was probably the most effective option for this customer. We utilized aerosol, dust and spray to treat the different areas of the home. An insecticidal barrier was placed on all baseboards and cracks and crevices in the home including the home office. The bottoms of all end tables, bed frames, head boards and footboards were also treated. We also used the residual insecticide spray to treat all dressers, wardrobes and closets. Residual aerosols were used to treat the seams of all couches and chairs in the living rooms. We also used bed bug killing dust inside the couches, chairs and on the surfaces of the mattress and box springs.
bed-bugs-on-my-skinEvidence was noted on the couch and chair in the living room as well as in the master bedroom mattress. There was no evidence found in the other bedrooms or in the basement apartment. Due to the nature of proximity and multiple interactions between parties in the home it was advisable to treat the entire house. A follow-up visit was scheduled for 14 days later. The occupants were also advised that they may wish to purchase bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements as well as bed bug defenders for the frames of the beds.

Upon the second visit no new evidence was discovered but the frequency of bites had increased. This is not unusual, often the treatment will ‘stir up’ the bed bugs and increase their activity as they try to run from the chemical. Also many eggs hatching at once can increase the frequency of bites because the bed bugs must feed right after hatching and before each in-star stage of their development. The residents were advised that they would probably require a third service as they were still experiencing bites. A third service was booked for 14 days later.
5013734_3(0)(0)  At the third service, it was noted that there were some new evidence of the bed bugs not seen before (there was fecal matter on the lamp shade). A full treatment of the entire house was thoroughly done again. The residents purchased mattress covers and bed bug defenders at this point and our technician aided them in putting them on the beds. Subsequent to this service no bed bugs were found in the monitors, no new evidence was found on any furniture and the biting subsided. Our customer did elect to have one more residual insecticide only treatment just in case any eggs hatched. They were elated that we were able to eliminate their problem.IMG_5129 (2)

The over night guest that had originally found the bed bug elected to have their home sprayed with insecticide during the initial treatment in case they brought them home. They also bought a mattress encasement. They did not find any evidence of bedbugs nor did they experience any bites. No evidence of bed bug activity was found in the basement apartment though the resident did get bitten upstairs during a visit before the second treatment. The quick reaction of all parties involved and the thorough and complete treatment aided in not spreading the problem between the locations. Isolating the problem and effectively treating and managing the pest is the key to bed bug elimination.

For service or advice of treatment for bed bugs please call us at 1-877-504-BUGS!

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