Meet Our Canine Bed Bug Detection Team

foxy-cycle-600x235INTRODUCING FOXY …


Foxy is able to detect Bed Bugs in your home. Canines offer a greater accuracy rate of 97%, over the human eye of 30%. Foxy can generate quicker and more accurate results, which leads to lower remediation costs for homeowners and insurers. For sfoxychools, hotels, commercial and government buildings, cost savings can be quite substantial. Our home inspections take minimum 1.5 hours. We inspect the entire home.


Bed Bug Dogs are the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of the bedbugs, which is critical information in lowering the expense of elimination.


Foxy is able to smell bed bug eggs and her sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than that of a human. She is trained to detect the full life cycle of bed bugs, from egg to adult.


Foxy loves her job and has been working hard in Ontario since 2010.


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