Question Of The Day: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

It seems like no one ever heard of bed bugs until about 5 years ago when infestations started to pop up everywhere! Now a days it is the most common pest in residential homes. It is also one of the most difficult to eliminate. There are several theories on why bed bugs have risen to such prominence. Firstly an increase in international travel and international migration have meant that there is more opportunity to transmit bed bugs internationally. Secondly the continued increase and growth of urban centers has meant that more people are now living in closer proximity. This has meant an increased trend in multifamily living which also has meant a wider networking area for spreading an infestation (through neighbours, friends and family). Also with the development of craigslist, kijiji, and other posting sites, the intake of used clothing and furniture has gone up exponentially. These are just some of the trends that may have contributed to the rise of bed bugs.


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