Yearly Mouse Problem?

Scratch, scratch, scratch and Angie groans. It’s that time of year again. Angie spends all winter trying to prevent mice. Despite her efforts, somehow in the spring that’s when it all happens for her. She used to ignore the scratching, thinking it was just her imagination but eventually that chain of events would follow – holes in food packaging and garbage, droppings and then finally… the sighting. The mouse would sort of tilt its head as Angie would briefly stare at it before launching into hysterics making her husband and son jump up from the couch and hurry to the kitchen. It was after that first encounter that we met Angie. She called our mouse specialist and wanted to have service the next morning. Ever since then every time Angie hears a scratch, we are treating mice for Angie. Some years, Angie gets lucky and doesn’t have any mice but other years they come in from the outside (they can fit through a hole the size of a dime!) and we are called back several times. Either way, we are here when Angie has a mouse or any other pest problem. Thanks for your continued support Angie!


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