Pest Spotlight: Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can feed on a wide variety of animal products including hides, hair, feathers, dried meats, and even woollens. They can also munch on dead insects like attic flies and box elder bugs. Box elder bugs do not simple remain on or around their food supply, they instead crawl around, sometimes for sizeable distances. This means you can find them in places you wouldn’t normally think they are.

Adult beetles commonly lay their eggs in closets, under furniture, under baseboards and in air ducts. It is the larvae and their need to hide in dark places to feed on organic material that are the ones that do the most damage to your household. They can damage clothing, furniture, blankets, furs, and a number of other commonly found household items.

Carpet beetles can also cause allergic reactions to sensitive people. The hairs that the larvae sheds when touched to humans can cause itching, swelling, and welt like symptoms.

Infestations can be prevented by regular cleaning, laundering, vacuuming, and airing out clothing and blankets appropriately. Once you have an infestation the best course of action is to call us so we can come and treat.


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