Pest Spotlight: Wasps

Its that time of year again. Though April started off cool, this is the time of year when wasps start building their nests. These pesky flying insects will reach their height in mid-July, all the way through August.

There are two types of wasps: solitary and colonial. Solitary wasps are very beneficial to nature and usually do not interfere with human existence. The primary problem with wasps is when their nests are built too close to human occupancy. Wasps can burrow in-between cement slabs, nest inside a wall, waspevestrough or in back yard trees. When the wasps feel their home is being threatened, the soldier wasps will attempt to defend its home. Unfortunately that can mean painful and sometimes life threatening stings to the unsuspecting human. We offer wasp services for both commercial and residential locations.

Please call us today at 416-840-4040 or 1-877-504-BUGS.

We also offer products for the treatment of infestations. Please see our product page:

Characteristics of Wasps

    Two pairs of wings

  • An ovipositor, or stinger (only present in females because it derives from the ovipositor, a female sex organ).
  • Few or no thickened hairs (in contrast to bees)
  • Almost all wasps are terrestrial; only a few specialized parasitic groups are aquatic.
  • Predators or parasitoids, mostly feeding on other terrestrial insects.

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