Pest Spotlight: Termites

termites   Termites have been very prominent in Toronto specifically in the East York area. We have treated many streets (and many houses on those streets) in the East York region for termites. Termites have also spiked in other areas such as Mississauga, Markham and Scarborough. East York and Scarborough are two of our densest areas for termites in Toronto. More then 70 % of our termite calls come in from these areas. We have a dedicated termite specialist for these cases.

The new development of Mississauga and its continued growth has caused the termites of the area to disperse and relocate in nearby establish residential areas. We have inspectors and technicians available to service you.

We offer suspected termite infestation inspections and real estate termite inspections. We also offer complete termite services for termite infestations, preventative treatments and termite pretreatment services.



Keep your home and property termite free.

  1. Have a professional inspection done every year
  2. Keep termite habitats away from the immediate area around the building
  3. Clear or relocate buried wood such as tree stumps, firewood, scrap wood, cardboard boxes and plants
  4. Be vigilant for foundation settling or shifting that could open new paths for termite access termite2
  5. Quickly fix any roof or plumbing leaks so that moisture does not enter the building envelope
  6. Keep roof gutters in good repair and ensure they direct water away from the building
  7. Maintain the integrity of physical barriers such as sand or mesh – do not lay soil or mulch over the barrier, or let roots grow through it.
  8. Repair poorly ventilated bathrooms, leaking pipes, clothes dryers and air-conditioner condensation leaks that result in termite-attracting moisture accumulation
  9. Do not store wood, cardboard boxes or other cellulose-based material in crawl spaces


Termites can be one of the toughest insects to control and they can also be one of the most serious pests because they cause damage to the wood structure of your home. The most conventional treatment of subterranean termites is swarmertermitesplacing a chemical barrier between the ground (where termites live), and your home (where termites eat). Since termites can enter a structure in a space that is roughly the thickness of a piece of paper, it is critical that a complete barrier is achieved. This treatment is much more specialized than pest control treatment for other common insects. We are termite specialists with 35 years experience treating the GTA and surrounding regions. Termite treatment requires the expertise of a professional knowledgeable about termite biology and habits and the latest in termite treatment methods. Termites Toronto is Ontario’s leading Termite-control company, and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control products and application techniques. We offer guaranteed, and prompt service. Call us today for a free inspection and quote –416-840-4040 or 1-877-504-BUGS


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